Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yoani Sanchez: It is always a mystery: why is it the Vice-President and Minister for Foreign Affairs baked?

2010-10-25-c_lage.jpgHe was wearing a cap pulled his ears, but I always recognized in his facial features of the former vice President. Carlos Lage passed in front of me at the intersections of the Infanta and streets with the typical approach of the fallen mangrove tempo fell in when all hope to defend itself has been lost. I felt bad for him, not because he was walking in the Sun when recently that he was a driver, but because everyone seemed to him with this silence punishes, with a look of revenge. Woman past me and I heard him say, "look bad, which was the work of dirty and ultimately that it him."

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Felipe Perez Roque, we still have not learned what led him to their political demise and one year and a half after the dismissal of Cuba Vice President Carlos Lage. In an unusual view of discretion, the video has been shown that the members of the Communist Party - explaining the reasons for the sudden fall of disgrace - never filtered for alternative information networks. Neither the fact that they convince us with these photos where the two of them are drinking bear party and smiling. If this causes enough to lose your post would not be a single Minister to his post and presidential armchair would be vacant.Written by Fidel Castro in his reflections - both expression the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Vice-Chairman are addicted to "honey of power" – seems like confession from someone who knows only too well the Royal Jelly to a Government without limits on the explanations of the mistakes made by others .donc we left without knowing why, again, Saturn devoured her children with this aftertaste of someone who is eating final litter this generation that could replace.

I felt compassion for Carlos Lage, seen with his cap pulled his face as he hastened to avoid being noticed.I had the impulse to call to tell him that his expulsion was saved him a future of ridicule and made him a man libre.Mais went too quickly, asphalt has given much heat and this woman was examined with insults, I only managed to cross the sidewalk YH ' left the overthrown with his solitude, but believe me, I wanted to seek him and whisper: don't be sad, get the boot, in fact, it is what recorded you.

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