Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Susan Corso: Bullying stops here

Bullying we heard talk about lately is really do a lot of us. Many of us 50-somethings thought that we had developed further at this time.

In just two months, five young people have completed their lives due to a form of intimidation or an autre.Ce is really happening?

"Oxford English Dictionary has two primary definitions of"tyrant"above than normally, we only consider bullying common language:" A raucous ' gallant "; a bravo, hector or"swash-shield"; now especially a tyrannical coward who himself is a terror for the weak."

Now let's see a little more closely.

A bully is a tyrant.
A bully is a coward.
A tyrant terrorizes.

This is just me or does this sound familiar to anyone?

We find tyrants, cowards or terrorists in our public spheres lately?

Gee, I must say that Dick Cheney certainly qualified as a tyrant during the last scheme politique.Ou how about George Bush and his minions and loose their refusal to take responsibility for lying to the American public.

Weapons of mass destruction, anyone?

And terrorists?How about commentators of all stripes these days? think to Howard Stern, Bill o ' Reilly, of same Chris Matthews.

My friends, both as long as there exist tyrants, loose and terrorists in public life, young there as license to intimidate.

For as long as we need scapegoats, it be those goated to stalk.

For so long that we refuse to look at our own lives, to deny our internal tyrants, internal cowards, domestic terrorists and the ways in which we each participate in bullying, there will be licensed to bully.

Who can stop?

Personally, I peux.Vous pouvez.Nous pouvons.Tout first, we can refuse to intimidate. Secondly, we can refuse to attend any nature.En bullying Thirdly, we can talk when we see or hear.

Who can stop?

At the public level, anyone who has a platform I challenge anyone who has a public appearance in their lives to call to put an end to bullying and to personal choice to put an end to their own intimidating behaviour.

How much time Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh would remain on the radio if we simply stopped listening to their bullying?

We all have the ability to intimidate; we also have the ability to stop bullying.

The bully stops here - when say us.

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