Saturday, October 23, 2010

Links 10/20/10.

Links 10/20/10.

Sorry for thin links, I have a lot of posts yesterday over a small day job work.

China stops shipments to Tech-essential minerals United States Live science.OHH, predictable but still not bonne.Cela a high likelihood leading to real climbing.This may be short lived just to prove a point, but I am not afraid.

The stormRobert Reich

deflation, technology, and political economyJoe Costello

Bankers will go to jail for Foreclosure-door?Steve Gandel, Time.Au less the question is asked.

The standardization of the Sociopathology in AmericaOf two minds (hat tip drive may S)

Lie TigerForeign policy (hat tip drive can S)

Antidote of the day:

Picture 15

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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