Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Agapi Stassinopoulos: Rethinking our design leadership

On November 6 and 7, I will be among the many inspiring speaker in a conference entitled "" leaders causing leaders."" Reach you us? Click here for more information.

When I talked to the organiser Kenneth Schwenker, he told me that the mission of the Conference is to enable the leader in each of us, inspire us to produce at least 10 specific projects and actions which will make a difference in some of the questions that we are all treat them in this world. A large part of the Conference will be be inspiring young people to be leaders in their own way and to make a difference in their communities. People are already posting visions of what will be their individual projects, as well as the support that they need to achieve their.You can also display your own project or vision.this leadership conference have me thinking how I define a true leader, which inspires me and what direction meaning in my life.

I remember that my mother has used to say. She would always say that you are either a leader or you're headed. And if you are led, know who follow you, and where they lead you. Make sure that you're led to where you would like to finish. My mother did not speak of leadership from the outside.She talked about how leave us our thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as other peoples actions we affecter.Elles lead us to results that we want or we are lower spiral in a sense that we do not really want. Most likely, we end up feeling victimized, thinking, "why is this happening me."

What distinguishes leaders is the ability to go to the vision of their desired outcome, regardless of the resistance, barriers or challenges. They do not conjecture their actions with reflections as "It's impossible," "it has never happened before" or "if people disagree." They have a radical courage. The truth is that, when we have an interest in the soul, the leader in awakens us.However, if we are dealing only for ourselves and our own self-promotion, the leader in us dort.lorsque need to serve others is high, leadership emerges benevolent and a direct connection to the heart. When we have the motivation to serve, leader inside wakes up because a leader causes change rather than affected by what others are the cause. I want to tell you a story that illustrates this point.

This summer I was working on a documentary about Greek gods Greece. One of the shots, we were in a beautiful vineyard which was supported by Mr. Vasilios. At a time given to shoot, we need nails to hang anything on a beam in the Court, but we had no nails. I asked Mr. Vasilios if he had nails. He said that he was not, but then he looked up air suspended and said, "Nails... hmmm..." I would like to see. "There I disregarded to the right, where there is a low stool, he withdrew separately and to our great surprise, six produits.M nails.Vasilios so strongly wanted to serve our needs at the moment where he saw nails where none of us could see them. But of course, it is the guardian of the vineyard. Day after day, he has been harvesting and take care of the Earth. Care has been in the DNA of Vasilios m..

If we wake up deal in ourselves, then we are connected to each other and meet someone another besoin.Nous are able to find solutions that are not immediately noticeable to the eye, but are hidden as nails in the stool of Vasilios m.. At this time, transcend us the ego and our small person. It is not a question of "look what I'm doing" but rather "look what is done by me." Then, we can produce the type of energy that can part the Red Sea. When hear us the call, and our compassion is awakened, we respond and then we are able to find solutions.

An unconscious manner, we have programmed to think that something will happen outside of ourselves that will change our lives. As the crisis we are faced with the increase in the world economy environment, we are still leaders there. We live our lives by the manner in which our leaders run our Government, renounce our control and leadership. But we still have the choice to become our own leaders.Consider this: what happens if each of us, regardless of the situation in our lives, has seized on the heart of our own leadership without looking for leadership on the outside?

It takes courage to intensify Executive leader within, because it starts in our internal environment.This is a call to the angels better our natures.Elle requires a kind of cruelty, a capacity to sacrifice the lower parts of ourselves.When operate us our internal authority and call before the best parts of ourselves, it is then (and only then) that we realize that we are not alone.We have the allegiance of superior intelligence and spiritual power we have.In this way, we become producers goodness for everyone.

I understand how to be a leader is nothing heard more focus on what needs to be done and out of our limited own pattern of thought to serve a larger besoin.Leadership means let us move beyond fear to be refused or omitted and immerse in the innate ability, we must mener.Ensuite, we find when we thought that there are no nails.

How is that you are conducting yourself? how you help other manifest? what you are involved in a change in the world? who do see you who is making a difference? share your stories and we are going to amplify the conversation to awaken the leader inside.




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