Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shannyn Moore: Militia Joe Miller

Joe Miller's private security.

In spring 2008, Joe Miller showed up Port Eric Estrada circa 1984 of mirror, sunglasses with a mise en scène coup d'etat in the direction of the Republican party in Alaska security guards.There perdu.Randy Ruedrich wishes always Supreme as the Party of the President and now supports the man who once tried to avoid him.

Fast forward to July 4, 2010 - Senate candidate Joe Miller supporters marched with assault rifles and campaign signs.

The dispatch of Alaska has stubbornly pursues a story about why Joe Miller has lost his employment several months after the takeover attempt encouraged by then-Governor Sarah Palin. All indicators point to Miller by using the resources of the computer from his employer, the municipality of North Star of Fairbanks, to rig a sort of voting and then clear the cache to conceal this fact.

Sunday, Joe Miller, candidate for u.s. Senate, held a town hall meeting in Anchorage community school.When asked about immigration, Miller in: build a wall! ' ".If the East Germans pourraient do so can us!?

Really? the Stasi? I know Palin said we could see the Russia Alaska, but the Germany it grows.

Tony Hopfinger editor-in-Chief Alaska expedition and host a planned United States, Senate debate Monday night, followed Joe Miller in the corridor after the debate questions supplémentaires.lors a press conference last week, Miller announced that he could no longer be answering questions about his past, but continued his past accomplishments; military combat service, Faculty of law at Yale, federal magistrate, advertising etc.

According to Hopfinger:

1 Hopfinger tried to ask questions of Miller when two or three guards allow or risk being charged with intrusion.

2. Where Hopfinger continued to try to ask questions, one of the guards put journalist in an arm-bar and then handcuffed him.

3 Hopfinger was released after the police arrived.

4 The journalist was on public property, held a public event at the time of the incident.

5 Miller has been adamant about his desire to avoid talking about Alaska media, but no member of the press working in Alaska has never seen a candidate go to this length to avoid issues.

It's quite weird to have an "order" by private security journalist, but those of us who car before the Drop Zone, the company behind the safety of Miller, every day are not surprised by their reach over or connection to Joe Miller.

The only thing more extreme weather and wildlife of Alaska is the politique.La drop zone is co-author of the Palin apologist and radio former host, Eddie Burke.La DZ bragged to clients on their squad is littered with former staff of Blackwater security.Disclosing does not display names and a preference for species transactions were commonplace.A poster of President Obama as joker blocks in their front window.

Part of being a 2 th amendment progressive Alaska had friends who are gun nuts.Several recalled boasting "Bill" in the drop zone on the involvement of partners in restitution and black ops overseas it would show the $ 50 caliber rifle at least $80,000 .Nul I asked what she valait.Il does not take a shotgun to a moose in your freezer.

"Bill", identified in the accounts of the topicality of this story, is William Fulton.Il is the owner Bill largage.Projet area was photographed in front of the manifestation of Glenn Beck - Sarah Palin Alaska post 9/11 and pointing a finger one showing while shouting in his face, "Socialist"! sign of the woman said: "do not be stupid to Alaska, voted Joe Miller, deserve better...", and it held its own against the verbal assaults.(see picture below)
Bill likes to Glenn Beck and been heard saying, "Glenn spoke for the crazy," which are its best customers.

Extremists are not uncommon in Alaska.Par Todd Palin, through the nation took knowledge of the secessionist Alaska as the Alaskan independence party .Norm Olson, ousted Michigan to be too radical militia group established Nikiski camp and began the militia of Alaska.

Having a personal militia isn't narcissistic courante.Trouble, activist Joe Miller has come to the light of the detention of journalist Tony Hopfinger.Les political candidates with their own mercenaries are a recipe for disaster.

I think Scott McAdams, the Democratic candidate on the ticket to Joe Miller, it has better: "@ JoeWMiller - in the case where you know, the constitution applies to reporters."


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