Thursday, October 28, 2010

Links 10/25/10

Dolphins learn to "walk on water' BBC '

MontyYahooNews (hat tip John M drive)

Thieves display one side Creative Wall Street Journal

Marathons damage to the heart of the less fit runners up to 3 monthsPhysOrg Méfiez_ you weekend warriors!

Wikileaks: the fog of battle of lifting Financial Times

Wikileaks: awarded American captives squadrons of torture IraqTélégraphe.Dr?le how Wikileaks revelations have fallen off the coast of the cover page of the New York Times and appears to be on the cover page of log as column summary of news of today.

Rebecca Solnit, the invasion of the democracy of crushers Tom Engelhardt

Falling in the gap separatingPaul Krugman

Geithner hope China to continue to move on Yuan Bloomberg.Hein? Wen Jiabao was saying that even a teeny weeny increase the renminbi kill many exporters and therefore produce a lot of unemployment will be very bad for the stability of China. If what exactly is Timmy smoking?

If Bernanke is humiliated really of the Dollar… Clusterstock

Superpétroliers oil see not so superPaul Kedrosky

Retrospective of Richard Clarida on financial crisisJim Hamilton

Food and financeJames Kwak

Are the Undeserving?Mark Thoma.Gee, we call the members of the club of lucky sperm.

Slowing U.S. lock pipelineFinancial Times

Seizures had errors, found the BankNew York Times.Mais BofA insists that these mistakes were insignificant and still maintains that no houses have been excluded on erreur.Mais is a retreat from its previous position.

Owners looking to sell at a loss, as banks grow ForeclosureNew York Times.Les mechanic excuses are predictable questionable.

Base currency and short-term debt (ultra-wonkish)Paul Krugman

The jour.alors we're on the topic of dolphins antics… antidote

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