Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Bartiromo de Maria Interview on C-span book TV

This interview with Maria Bartiromo, his new book, the end week changed Wall Street, was recorded in September. Some readers may find it's a bit of softball, but television book is not a format that lends itself to pointed questions. In fact, I found the experience a little like that told me about S-M: even if the moving resembles the party responsible for, in fact his work is to administer the exact amount of pain signals bid that he wants to. Bartiromo is obviously very experienced and at certain times (for example, when I tried to stop her, another where it provides and cut a follow-up question) she noted quite clearly that it was not will go to the controversial territory.

As drive B Herbert said,

I must give credit to avoid saying a single word that would all chip in a bowl of rice from the CNBC.Ce little it reveals, however, was valid.


Picture 25

You can view the segment here.

PS I am personally less pleased with this show, one of my requirements to make is that they mention ECONNED.Comme you can see, it happen pas.Ils took a shot of coverage while recording, and it has been changed later, so that they do not have an excuse for this period.

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