Monday, October 25, 2010

Rory Fitzgerald: Ireland decided to visit the Cayman Islands "to obtain funds"

Prime Minister Ireland announced this morning, a soft Parliament, he declared war on the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Cowen said: "we have spent the past three years, faced with austerity measures and initiatives to reinvigorate our économie.Rien worked."

"In the meantime we have an army of underutilization could easily take the Cayman Islands and clean its banks, providing us with great need of money."

"This idea occurred to us last week, and frankly, we're surprised that none of our smart assed economists he pensé.Nous tested it out on Wikipedia and it turns out that the Cayman Islands have"no regular military forces".".This will be a walk in the Park.?

"Our men and women in uniform probably receive also a tanning," added the Irish Minister for defence.

Mr. Cowen also indicated that, depending on the success of the Cayman, undertaking he consider declaring war on Saudi Arabia "to get species and oil", but also for ethical reasons more close profondes.Sources Irish leader means that it considers ban on Saudi Arabia on alcohol as "gravely immoral."

American former President George w. Bush said that the Ireland idea was "good" and that it reminded him all "kind of thing I Office."Bush also informed Mr Cowen to ignore what the UN on this subject that they are "dork-wads."


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