Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guest post: 5 myths about rape - and how they relate to TARP

Guest post: 5 myths about rape - and how they relate to TARP

By reader Jackrabbit, hoisted from comments on "Tim Geithner Magical Mystery Tour of propaganda TARP A Little use truth":

1. If you say 'no' is not rape

TARP was presented as the way of just to avoid a magma bas.Le rapist used a firearm. A more thoughtful approach would at least extracts some concessions from banks and provided some responsibility in exchange for the bailout.

Provided 2 it about yourself (you flirted, did not hide, did not take precautions, etc.)

Is wages have stagnated over the past two decades.People are turning to credit relief and responded to what appeared to be a good portion (the possibility of accessing the property).

3 If alcohol or other drugs have been consumed, you have no case

Of the financial services industry shrills tell us again and again that Americans have been drugged credit and industry was maintaining fair to their customers.This is poppycock.Le financial sector pushed credit relentlessly and regulators let without regard for the consequences (because they have been caught) .the FBI warned of fraud in the subprime market years before TARP, but nothing is done about it.

4. Your past indiscretions will be used against you

Americans have been complacent and politically apathiques.Ils allowed policy be overtaken by interests financiers.Certains say, "you get the Government you deserve."That excuse the fact that public confidence has been raped.

5 What is done is done, its best simply forget and move

Accept the unacceptable (we were all responsible for the financial crisis - TARP was a success that cost little and reflecting on our stewardship of Governments, the economy) personally is destructive and reinforces the authors.

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