Friday, October 22, 2010

Starbucks Digital Network offers Free Songs, e-books in the effort to customers the lure (photo)

(EMILY FREDRIX, AP) NEW YORK--Starbucks adds a spoonful of size venti free books, news and entertainment at offers Internet begins on Wednesday.

New digital network in the coffee chain promises customers free e-books, films and other exclusives, including free access to some Web sites paid as the Wall Street Journal, is designed to obtain customers spending more drinks and content they purchase on the site.

The move comes Starbucks steep face competition from McDonald's Corporation and of other fast food chains grow increasingly want to drink coffee.But it also offers Starbucks a chance to earn money by selling songs, books electronic and other customer materials focusing on its free Wi - Fi, which saw log-ins $ 30 million last month.

Starbucks Corp. began to offer free Internet access wireless juillet.Le new network, a partnership with Yahoo is the next step in its strategy.

Customers see the network as soon as they connect to Internet Starbucks on their smart phones, computer or tablet, such as the iPad.A welcome page allows customers to scroll through the different sections, including entertainment, welfare, business and career and "my neighbour", where they can find restaurant reviews, news and more.

Other partners are also iTunes Apple Inc., The New York Times, patch, USA Today and Zagat.Les offerings include copies of books, thanks to agreements with publishers such as books Harper Collins and the Penguin Group, advance and iTunes downloads.

Most free content - films, books and news - can be read or seen that in content Starbucks.Le was designed so that it may be consumed in small doses, anywhere from 5 minutes to 20.De this way, people want to buy pure and simple content to take with them, or to resume once more Starbucks.Les sites have been designed to recall where people fail in a book or a film, so it gathering safeguard is transparent.

When customers purchase the content Word, a newspaper or an e-book subscription Starbucks makes money by taking a cross-section of society vente.La decreased specify its share.

Designed the site and its contents to be consumed in smaller bits after observing customers, said Burke Culligan, Vice President of product yahoo management companies.

"More users on the Internet evolve in this 'snackable behaviour' as a first step", he said.

The company, based in Seattle, has worked for the content of its customers find nowhere elsewhere people so a reason to go to Starbucks beyond coffee, said Adam Brotman, vice President of Starbucks Digital Ventures.

Thanks to iTunes, Starbucks will offer downloads of free music, including a new digital way to download the free song of the semaine.Auparavant coffee chain, people had to pick up cards with codes in the magasins.Maintenant they log on, click a few buttons and song, which can be played outside of reserves.

The network also offers books through the "Book Club reading" (partnered with HarperCollins, Penguin Group editors and more) and films by SnagFilms.Dans both often content is released on the network before its official release.

Plans include other types of stores to add, but will be implemented to further on the road.


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