Thursday, October 21, 2010

1010/19 Links.

1010/19 Links.

"Ten years" to resolve the loss of natureNIKE

Bacteria 'R' US Miller-McCune

Epitaph for administration Paul Krugman

China plans to reduce its exports of mineralsNew York Times.Maintenant is official. But the actual reductions seem much larger than those advertised as the entry into force next year.

Beyond to being # 2Andy Xie, China International Business (hat tip Richard Smith, Paul Kedrosky)

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago continues B from A, others Business Crain (hat tip drive 1SK)

Felix Rohatyn is aimed at the rear and sighsAndrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times

Finance and the housing bubbleJames Kwak

Owned obsolete record causes foreclosuregate?WAPO said yes?Rdan bear in colère.Cette op - ed is an embarrassment.How can tell you you respect the rights of property and then be willing to scoff at them on behalf of dubious efficacy?

Have a look at this post, dated 12 October, by Gonzalo Lira from this "market commentary" by David Kotok, dated 15 octobre.Notez common equipment is not blow a few lines, but approximately fifty paragraphes.OH Kotok has now has a clause Disclaimer, but I saw version before Kotok said that, read also retained and runs the front screen shots and après.Et attempt to cover his tracks is not honnête.Kotok involves reproduction is authorized, and to add insult to injury, provides no quote or link return; read has it displayed in fact three days avant.Ce is simply not kosher.

APR, deceleration and double dipSteve Keen (hat tip Richard Smith)

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