Monday, October 25, 2010

15 Films that better than the book (video)

The book is so much better than the film. We've all said, we've all heard it. And we all think it is still true that the book is better than the film.

But perhaps not.

Here are 15 films that trounce their source like a boy material this intimidation of his younger brother meek.Nous tried to avoid the easy peaks ("Jaws,""The Godfather" ""), and perhaps even presents some films that you may not have known have their origin in a book, which proved just how big the adaptations are.

Thus, the next time your posh literary friend campaign the superiority of the cinema, literature pull one of these babies in your back pocket.

We miss any?The book is indeed better than film? let us know!

Book Alan may

John Ford - vehicle John Wayne is often cited as the greatest film Western jamais.En consequence, Alan may is now known as the writer who authors the book did in "Researchers."

Keep on the page.

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