Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kumi Naidoo: Climate justice can help end poverty

In some circles, it became politically acceptable to say that poverty cannot be eradicated in our lives: that means are not available, there is a lack of political will, or even those who "cannot keep" need to assume greater responsibility for their own lives. Others are politically correct enough wants do not say this out loud, but their actions (or absence) exposes. Millennium Development Goals call for a half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger. In other words, the international community examine himself successful if by 2015 "only" about 500 million people are left of hunger in the world (a goal that we do not seek to respond).

I ask those who do not believe that we can eradicate hunger to make developing - world better, to make the slums of their own country - and meet some of the nearly one billion people currently go hungry every day. Meet these people so that the numbers of become the faces and faces receive names. After attests to suffering and even death of these people, they could find ways to make poverty history.It may be fait.Il still has enough food on this planet to feed all of us, this is how this food is allocated that must change.

In the meantime, then 50,000 people die every day from preventable causes, what we need is the universal desire to changer.Le 17 October is the international day for the eradication of poverty and is this year calling for climate justice to End Poverty.

Because climate change causes droughts, floods and other natural disasters that affect food production, it has become one of the greatest threats to the reduction of poverty, advancing global development and realize that the world has ever known human rights.

Two years ago the global humanitarian Forum Kofi Annan estimated 300,000 people have died of the results of climate change.There is a strong bet that close to all these people were among poor countries and less responsible for climate chaos, in which we find ourselves.

Year 2010 appears to be the warmest ever recorded, and forecasts for the coming years are dark: warmer temperatures, less and more erratic rainfall and extreme weather events.The list of what we can expect as a result of the increased warming is frightening: shortages of resources, unstable weather conditions and prices alimentaires.La most people living in developed countries have so far been spared the majority of the most dangerous phenomena, but we reach a point in time when we least can escape from climate-related havoc.We are, for example, already made by rising food prices.

Campaign last Sunday during the first part of never world world climate change work, organized by a variety of militant groups, including the tcktcktck 350.CHF org, Greenpeace and global poverty action call people in 188 countries have participated in more than 7,000 events aimed to establish new habits that will help curb carbon causing changes climatiques.Le global working group was a cry to Governments that people want action, that enough is enough.Not stay to watch as our planet and millions of people living on it slowly destroyed because the ruling elites would not be the changes necessary for combating catastrophic climate change and help to eradicate poverty.

History tells us that when honest people taking risks and engage in fighting principles, peacefully and courageously, pursuing civil disobedience where necessary, and then those who hold power instruments if Government or financial sectors will listen and comprendre.Le last weekend, was a good first step, but it will take people from all walks of life unprecedented alliance to force fundamental changes in the institutions which take us back: environmentalists, trade unions, human rights activists, faith-based organizations educators and those on the left and right have never considered how the natural world affects their lives.

We work in areas where actions leading to climate change can be reduced - in our own homes and workplaces as well as tropical rainforests Brazil, Congo and the Indonesia and West Virginia coal mine and the Pologne.Nous must direct more of our resources for developing training on how to adapt to the irreversible consequences of climate change already underway.

I saw people die of completely preventable causes and wants to experience quiconque.Par the eradication of poverty and hunger and vigorously tackle climate change, many of these deaths can be évitées.Nous hope politicians learn to act until it was too late.


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