Saturday, October 30, 2010

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I am pleased to read that the NYT and its Burns of John Hachette-hack receive this smell in this regard. Burns appears to be angry.

I think that when he told him that he is "troubled" by the response. Often, a boot-licking intimidating thug is sincerely surprised when targets are angry and fight back.It think it is strange and hypocritical Greenwald accused of a "smear job" points clearly to the spirit of Burns call of the someone piece smear job is in itself a smear job.

I doubt that Burns think actually that bully than as a genuine because he really think power at bottom right, and nobody does below has the right to strike on the rise.

It also seeks to defend exhibit on the fond.Il is stupid enough to say "the NYT did engage in hagiography.On the contrary,

1. The NYT engages in hagiography all the time, especially on the page of the company.

To give a few examples particularly unworthy, the NYT have seen fit to give pieces down health "insurance" lobbyists and managers said supérieurs.Yves hard thought Ignagni coin has been lobbyists straight shorthand, a "PR factory".

This is the kind of mucus that the NYT deems worthy of hagiography.And of course Burns would be most familiar with the hagiography as quasi-Davidesque McChrystal magazine profile (he eats a meal a day and prosecution of large patios moccasins), and although I can't recall what parts have been written on Petraeus, I would be willing to bet on their tone.

2 Labour hit Burns Assange was obviously nothing other than negative hagiography.And he fraudulently poses as a "journalist".

However, I am clearly and openly advocate, however, in three parts that I wrote that discuss Assange, even though I am clearly in favour, I do not think that my positive tone is that pronounced or anywhere near as "hagiographical" as Burns hagiography négatif.Je go innuendo where positively the way in which the NYT goes in for negative innunendo.

The NYT is a shameful ramus of praise to the power of lies and hack gribouillage.Du Greenwald (or its firms) Assembly of new headlines from across worldwide, including "same politico" all mean the same thing: variations on "US encouraged torture by the Iraq forces", in contrast to "inmates fared worse in Iraq the NYT Hands", unique graphic perhaps the most devastating is that I fixed vus.Il to bare basic depravity of the "registration document" and by extension of the media all businesses.

People no longer has any use of this média.Il there's nothing but poison for nous.Nous should repudiate completely and certainly never refuse pay another cent for elle.Tel a boycott would destroy their once for all.

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