Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest post: Gulf Oil Spill... mission accomplished or ongoing crisis?

Guest post: Gulf Oil Spill... mission accomplished or ongoing crisis?

Washington Blog

Media companies have stopped almost entirely covering the Gulf oil spill.

Many tried to say that the effects of the spill are far from being as bad as feared, and everything what is fairly well cleaned place and back to normal.

But today, it is generally reported that there is currently massive extends weathered petroleum spotted in the Gulf of the Mexico.

And as Oil Spill Law (FOSL) Florida websites tirelessly reported on the Gulf oil spill this all the time.

To give an example of the crisis underway in the Gulf, this is a gathering of some of the stories high top FOSL 3 days:

In related news, Government - always willing to go immediately to the bottom of what is happening really about and know perfectly the results - then sent crucial Gulf samples for analysis in a laboratory... Poland (u.s. laboratories are apparently occupied test toxicity hinky, mortgage mortgage saved titles, app and CDS naked) .and the result will be shipped by slow boat: NOAA does not wait for results back to the end of the year.

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