Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Links 10/22/10

I want the rabbit. Really, I do.

@ Ina Deaver-wait until Goggle begins to store medical records. Imagine the profits from the sale data on the super mega mining information. Imagine the opaque market for a large company to consider personal information such as this to assess the risk of expenditures on health and productivity, applying for the job.Plausible Denialbility discrimination claims, nobody will know except those who take advantage of it. maybe even have a score of health as a credit score created I wouldn't surpris.puis PRAY that you or your child loses to shoot shit genetic disease which is not avoidable by your diet and lifestyle.

Imagine your resume into the hands of employees who will then investigate your Facebook and Twitter acct acct to see what you do and say in your privacy as a means of determining considering you for a job online HR. That is happening now.Do you have for your life online? you shop online, use a credit card or debit online? Is you find things that might be interpreted as a negative?

There are shared on the internet is safe, nothing jamais.Il has now deeper personal implications than anytime in the past. It will become more violent that all opaque markets can be built around our life private conversations, friends, our fears, our human flaws and our ageing with all imperfections which includes.

All these will be used to identify all of your ability to find work, credit costs, bank accounts and related costs, health care costs for you, your 401 K and distribution plan savings.

Buy you a kit kat, 2 points to the large bar and a higher co-payment.Have you had a car with a lasting injury accident? part that could bring you, even if this is not your fault, you will look to see if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs or Sevilla when you were 19 for use against vous.puis watch as your health and your ability to find work after triple is more difficult.

Welcome to "A Brave New World".we're all simply unworthy products considerations autrement.Bonne Luck because that is what everyone should comply with in this new world.

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