Tuesday, October 19, 2010

REE line continues to generate

Bloomberg has made a rather strange announcement Chinese Government, which is rather lame from the embargo on exports of REE rationalization.

If you are late for this cause famous, rare lend really not that rare, but they are found only in concentrations relatively low and are unpleasant mine.They are used in high-tech products, batteries especially high density power .the China became the dominant supplier in recent years.

In a heavy reprisals for detention by the Japan Captain operating trawler in the disputed waters, China imposes a ban on export of de facto on shipments of land rares.Notez a formal ban would constitute a breach of the rules of ber, but China is contrary to the evidence in the contrary case, maintain that it is not simply a spontaneous brightness of feeling, the official policy. As Paul Krugman points out in the New York Times today:

OH, and Chinese officials did not improved matters by the insult to our intelligence, stating that there was no official ban. All exporters of rare earths of China, they say - some of them belonging to foreigners – simultaneously decided to stop shipments of personal feelings toward the Japan. Law.

Two aspects of the prohibition which do not receive the statement that they justifient.Tout first is that most land purchase rare U.S. pass through Japanese (Japan product of intermediate goods and finished in Chinese rare) when second place, the prohibition is not in all areas, but on raw simply. China is ready to sell goods manufactured with rare earth as significant content.This change is also designed to try to use the REE near monopolies to force foreign buyers more manufactured products from China, rather than simply raw materials.

Need to ask whether the restriction was something that China planned to little important diplomatic conflict provided useful coverage.

The comments reported by Bloomberg look like a clumsy to ensure coverage effort I am at a loss to understand the logic. say nothing would have been better than this argument:

The Ministry of trade and heavy REE reserves Chinese may 15 years to 20 years at the rate of production, possibly requiring import, said today.

REE national filings dropped to 27 million tonnes at the end of 2009, or 30 percent of the total of the known world reserves, just 43 million tons, or 43 per cent of total world in 1996, Chao Ning, head of the Foreign Trade Department told a Beijing conference….

"China cannot afford to continue to bear the burden of providing world, strategic, environmental and economic point of view,"Chao said… ".

"China is not the only country that has these deposits, but he was carrying the lion's share of supply more than a decade, the price of rapidly deplete its own resources and harm the environment," Chao said.

Yves ici.Disons to analyze it.First, the argument of the depletion may have some validity, but given famous reliable official statistics of the Middle Kingdom, one cannot be too put confidence in these figures.But if the concern was really too rapid depletion, there is a simple solution: increase the prix.En Secondly, China had also not posted much concern for degradation of the environment, although this has become a bigger problem with the public, to the extent that the administration now feel compelled to respond.But it seems awfully convenient that a product of strategic importance was singled out for special concern.

Krugman is not sympathetic with the position of China but stresses the United States and other advanced economies have been stupid to put in the position function on China.It notes that the Japan began recycling of rare;another answer is to start working on designs that use not REE (brief summary: it can be done, but it generally compromised, such as a larger size and weight of the replacement component):

And even before the incident of the trawler, China shown itself willing to maximize this monopoly.The United Steelworkers Union recently filed a complaint against Chinese business practices, intervene where American companies fear to tread because they fear retaliation chinois.Le Union introduced taxation restrictions on export and taxes REE - restrictions which give the Chinese production in a number of industries China's important competitive advantage - top of the list.

Then came the restrictions on exports of REE chalutier.chinoises event were in violation of the agreements made China to join the world of the commerce.Mais embargo on exports of rare earth towards the Japan still infringement most flagrant of international trade law.

Yves ici.Ces measures go far beyond business manoeuvres normales.Plusieurs systems of law and international agreements tolerate a certain amount of minor cheating; it is simply too expensive to enforce scrupuleusement.Mais ago one inch quality Chinese eye manoeuvring rares.Il land is not clear yet fast partners business China will regroup and redirect and can determine whether it is worth to take revenge.

China rare earth posture welcomes faithful to its recent be tactically skilled when it decides to choose a struggle, but strategically téméraires.La China more confirms suspicions be evil when opportunities arise, the less attractive form a place it becomes to an affaires.Et if China is seen as trustworthy, this means that trading partners will be insisting on hardening of the contractual conditions or conceive other forms of protection.

Unless China returns to work with more finesse, his efforts to pursue its own interests will turn contre.Ses decision-makers seem unable to recognize his intransigence is uniting a large part of the world against China.

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