Friday, October 29, 2010

Links 10/26/10

Amazon new species Telegraph

Row over veterans facing expulsion from the country that they risked their lives to defendDaily Mail (hat tip drive can S)

Agony of the monolineFT Alphaville.Cite casualty putbacks vs GSE, but I think it is and oranges, because sea probably put back on line and sub-prime pools, while the monoline would be putbacks only on "private label" meaning non-conforming pools. Tom Adams also had problems with the last paragraph:

Bond insurers are not really asking - they are. Ask us to see.
If the numbers are only for the BofA, they are updated as of June 30 - this leaves of recent Ambac $ 6 billion or so against Countrywide.
The rate of "success" - I do not know where it came from, or having success they mean - monoline, see BofA. I am quite sure that they are buying back much, much less than 17% of requests bond insurer. (more like. 05%).

Report of Europol: the terrorists are Muslims…Except 99.6% who aren't can't Loonwatch (hat tip drive can S)

Blue dogs Face Sharp losses in dividing Wall Street Journal. It is fun to see the log feign confusion:

The result is the ironic, politics of the year: a national conservative wave is hardest step more liberal Democrats, but the more conservative Democrats.Caucus democratic left behind is, overall, more liberal was before the election.

It is not on a "national conservative wave", is the capitulation of Obama "change."Blue dogs are more closely aligned with its populist brand false.

So what is Insider Trading? Andrew Ross Sorkin.Cette history bothers me, this.Why is the SEC cracking down on this pair and not on Gerson Lerman, who pays for low and mid managers sell information on the activity of the company generally shipping and inventory levels? Gerson Lerman has institutionalized the use and reprocessing of privileged information.But it would take time and effort to develop a procedure against Gerson and its competitors.

Econ bloggers: worst perspectives, once againFT Alphaville.Normally participate in this survey, but I was too overwhelmed this time.

Banks should be broken, Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King warnsTelegraph.Read his speech here complete.

Financial popping disaster againMichael Panzner

EschatologyRdan angry bear

The cost of the TARP: furtherDean Baker

Defective ForeclosuresAdam Levitin, credit vouchers

Greek questions continue to ChurnWSJ MarketBeat

Mortgage modifications slow in SeptemberNew York Times

Overdrive: who really saved General Motors?Malcolm Gladwell, The New Yorker (hat tip drive Scott) it is a large room.

Antidote of the day:

Picture 40

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