Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kety Esquivel: Unsung heroes of Government 2.0

Today is my birthday. As I sit thinking about life and the balance sheet of the years, I can't help but wondering far things come.

In the fall of 2003, I left a company Eastman Kodak Company management employment working on a presidential campaign.

I have 2/3 pay cut and exchanged in a flat view facing Ocean in Miami, Florida for a sleeping bag in a House for four people from Little Rock (Arkansas).

You may be wondering "why?".

I know that my mother has definitively.

The answer is simple. I was inspired by the promise for a responsible and open by Government and the people.

This approach was my first foray into the world of new media.Many of you may have heard of the Dean campaign and technological innovation that made the techies il.Il in was the same for the techies involved in Clark.Ils campaign were a group of passionate people inspired to use the technology for the sake of a better government by and for the people.It is something that they were real space of the campaign, but the vision that many of them had had to see transcend the campaign and ported to power through the candidate once elected.

Seven years later, I found myself having coffee is on that have me on this (new media) space with someone that I consider to be a leader in Government 2.0 espace.Sept years later Obama - campaign itself brought in large part because of technology - Office has been led to Directive Open government administration.And it is true that this movement can step began with the administration of Obama, for me, was a source of inspiration see growth has happened in recent years.

This transformation has been the work of many unsung heroes.

This is an iterative process and change does not happen from one day to the next day, but I am inspired by what I saw in this jour.Je really believe that this is just the beginning.

That twenty years thing left the show the promise of what might be possible to the Government through inspired leadership, American race still exists.

The opportunity is enormous and it is only the beginning.

I would like to take a moment and to use this thread in honour of some m├ęconnus.Qui heroes are the people you know who are making a difference in this space?


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