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Many Bank claims that there is nothing inconsistent with Foreclosures: 4450 Foreclosures judgment in NYC due to inaccuracies

After the dramatic States foreclosure stops by three large repairers, GMAC, Bank of America and JP Morgan, on the use of bad, "signed robot" affidavits, the new line of banks and other party who also used robo signatories as Wells Fargo, is that it was a simple "technical" problem, that they had reviewed ten thousands of pending of seizures and pointed out that the information and the underlying processes were healthy.

A review by the New York Daily News suggests otherwise.Note that New York is a State judicial locking. make sure you read the sentence that I FAT:

A Daily News probe found thousands of foreclosures across the city are involved because the paperwork used to justify the seizure of houses is riddled with flaws.

Banks have suspended some 4,450 seizures in all boroughs of five due to problems of administrative formalities as missing and incorrect documents, signatures suspicious and banks try to foreclose on mortgages, they own… even

Last week, judge to top the New York Jonathan Lippman, began requiring all counsel for the Bank to sign a referee for the accuracy of their materials from foreclosure.

Which could be a problem for locking of the long island which has been translated by GMAC mortgages last year.

An affidavit dated date 30 March was signed by a person identified as Sherry Hall, vice President of a GMAC always called Financial Network affiliate.

Fifteen days later another statement under oath is surface in another lock in Suffolk County, this time, signed by a GMAC Vice-President appointed Sheri d. Hall.

Despite the difference in names, signatures are the same - and supported by the notary.

Supreme Court Suffolk Peter Mayer has refused to approve foreclosing the name Sherry Hall and ordered his and the notary to appear in court, 17 novembre.GMAC officials do not call return

Judges also see banks excluding homes that they have not yet - a problem which concerns Brooklyn Court Supreme Arthur Schack.

Schack said that it had become increasingly "disorder" trying to determine who holds a mortgage at the time of foreclosure, because they are often passed a lender to another….

Last August, Schack rejected a lock that Bank of New York brought on e. 48th Street home in Brooklyn filed 61 days before the mortgage was assigned to the Bank.

Judge has dubbed as "absurd" proved a computer printout which claims to the Bank held the mortgage before the foreclosure has been introduced.

In may, Schack rejected request a lawyer that the assignment of the mortgage on a House Bushwick HSBC Jefferson St. was valid.

"Counsel seems to work in a parallel universe mortgage, unrelated to the real world", he said.

He even shot a lock on a drive Staten home in Brooklyn because JPMorgan Chase could not prove he holds the mortgage up to 75 days after the procedure began….

Last year, Schack threw a foreclosure involving a woman who claimed to be much.

On a lock, she swore that she was an assistant vice President for a Bank as well as a civil servant for lenders, une.Dans another clearing house, she was a Vice President Assistant for yet another institution.

"It is a Milliner because of the number of hats, her pleasure", famous said the judge.

Some banks also pursue seizures, even after that offenders owners sold homes and pay the mortgage.

Schack told the press that it expects to see more paperwork mouthing. ""It's like an onion, we continue to peel," he said. ""It seems to be layers and problems.

Do an extrapolation simple.Ville New York has a population of approximately 8.4 millions.Il was lowest in the nation (thus more units per capita) household size, but also a very low level of ownership in the nation in its ensemble.Nous assume that nets.

The United States population is roughly 308 millions.Si problems with seizures to the United States rate is the same, as in New York, suggest that 163,000 seizures are ongoing documentation problems, and that some of them indicated in article (excluding those who are acquitted of the mortgage, the lack of clear property note) are not simple "paperwork" problems, but the point more serious.

Also note that at least some judges are not convinced by breezy insurance banks all is now well.

Don't forget that this rapid calculation applied to seizures now in cours.Le cumulative number is clearly very much greater.

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