Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jim Kennedy: Give bipartisanship A Chance

A discourse designed by President Barack Obama, pronounced on November 4, 2010

Two years earlier this evening, voted you for change and I accepted the responsibility to lead America on a new path and to join you in the work of redoing this nation.

Two days ago you sent a message and the message is clear: change you sought has not yet been delivered, and that you're deeply concerned at the course we have taken and where it might lead.

We conducted the reform of health care, but you're concerned about its impact on your family.

We led financial ruin tends slowly, but have not released the jobs and economic security that would mean a true return to prosperity pick you up and that they deserve.

Iraq, troops were withdrawn but Afghanistan war takes more American life and the peace journey remains long and uncertain.

Some of you believe I've been quite daring or remained fairly true to the hope that you have placed in me and for you progress trumpet sounded too slowly... and some issues had been heard all the.

I say to you, my friends, we aim high and dream big...I would be here if I did not... but because politics is the art of the possible we need to measure our progress by how far we have come, not how much further we still have to travel.

Others believe I went too fast, and you want to dig up the seeds that were planted and return to the way in which things friends sont.Mes, answers to our problems lie not in the way that things sont.Les causes of our crises are.

Those who want to go faster must see the value in the incremental change and see the risk of reverse course those who want to go back.

And I have to see the mistakes that I made ainsi.à both I taught instead directed... promote tactics over the stratégie.Vous want vision, division. You are looking for common ground, not a field of battle.

And I have to do more to restore your faith in me, our Government and travel, we must be together.

In this trip we need to restore our Government that has always existed in our people: a sense of common purpose and destiny and the belief that we are forced to turn to children a world that is better than the one in which we live today.

So where do we go from here?Sometimes Democrats and Republicans are the results of the elections too personally.That means in the victory, sometimes make us the mistake of assuming that people have subscribed to what we believe and dismissed all things offered by our adversaries.

But the truth in America, people choose not democratic or Republican so as they choose leaders and in so doing they faith in us as leaders to work together to get things.

It is in this spirit that I believe that the American people spoke very articulate, yesterday and said with a single voice: give a chance for bipartisanship.

And it is in this spirit, I offer these ideas.

First of all, I call on the Democratic National Committee and the Senate Democratic campaign committees and the House of representatives of ceasefire.Call on them to refrain from attacking Republicans for the next six months YH ' invites the Republican National Committee and their committees of Congress to accept a ceasefire and the campaign.

That means six months in Washington can try to work together for common ground without the helpless and debilitating partisan games that each of us spent too much time playing until today.

A rhetorical ceasefire place our parties outside of the company .they can still raise money and recruit candidates stake out positions positive issues we confrontés.Mais at least at this moment in the singular of American political history, we can take a step back and take a brief pause in the kind of partisan duels daily that kill the consensus and prohibit progress for the American people.

And, secondly, the National Commission on the financial accountability and reform is expected to publish a report on how to solve the financial crisis in our country on 1 December YH ' announced today I intend to organise a Summit of the leaders of Republican and democratic House of Commons and the Senate hammering a plan for rapid review and implementation of the recommendations of the Commission, que.Nous must draw the members of the Commission bipartisan wand and demonstrate one goal to achieve the objective of financial stability once more.

Experts already predict deadlock in the wake of the results of the élections.Mais the problems we face that Americans are larger that the priorities of our parties politiques.Le American people wants to patriotism, step impartiality .we need to open a window of opportunity to exchange their confidence in us.

The proposals I am tonight to open this window just a fissure.Plus can and should be carried out by me and all those who have been elected to servir.Mais is a start.

Tonight, two years ago speak you of Grant Park in Chicago, I said "we were never a red and blue States collection".we're the United States.

And maps on TV this week news are red and blue - a little more red that blue, I must admit - I see still a nation of God indivisible.Et the promise of liberty and justice for all alone can be filled only if put us aside politics and give a chance to bipartisanship.

Thank you, God bless you and God bless America.


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