Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tom Gregory: 1975: first same-sex marriage license America Clela Rorex issues (video)

As a child of the turmoil of the 1960s, I was convinced time promised future brighter. Thanks to the murders and bloody war, us fat have learned to speak for their beliefs and work for what is good. There was a sense that - Yes, change was difficult, but we are going to evolve through our difficulty towards a future brighter. These are days of Mustang Joplin - a country on fire, in search of healing and freedom from repression and ignorance.

Clela Rorex is hardly a surname, but his determination to do its work responsibly him in social change of the flash point.In Boulder, co, March 26, 1975, Clela published first marriage licenses of the same sex to United States .his motivation was clear – opening of the company for all couples wealthy because it was the best thing to do.

For thirty-five years, America is worse for the exclusion of gays compatriots of marriage equality.Fanatics and insane gave rise to the repression and influential leaders préjugés.Les us on a new generation of children to hate God and country.Progressive hero today divide their time between fighting for social change and help our children to survive hatred in court school.

Clela Rorex has had the courage when it was appelée.américains must have the guts to open their hearts - or it will be our own outrageous stupidity, rather than the wrath of God to be doom us all.


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