Monday, November 1, 2010

Links 10/29/10.

Flamingos use "make-up" Telegraph

Parrot psychopath who is ruining my life (and fault this is my child feather-brained)Daily Mail (hat tip drive can S) .this story is so singular, that it is probably true.

Verizon Wireless pays FCC 25 million for the years of data false accusationsWashington Post

Johann Hari: works by protestation.Regardez proof independent (hat tip drive can S)

David Brooks tells us the unemployed are really interested in values Dean Baker

The war of GOP post elections on financial reformMike Konczal

Much to play for the Dodd-Frank BillGillian Tett

Morgan Stanley: shorting the dollar is a Crowded trade simply ask to be trappedCluserstock

Banks 'want to sit down' with the States to discuss the ForeclosuresBloomberg

Credit Markets: bond with edge put ballot measuresMarketWatch

Antidote of the day:

Picture 4

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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