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Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Trying To Rent a Home

Nov 8, 2010 Valerie Garner

Doorway of Home Image - joyfuldesigns

Doorway of Home Image - joyfuldesigns

With the recent economy downturn, more and more people are now renting that used to own their own homes. Other major life changes in circumstances also may be propelling people into needing to rent that otherwise used to be homeowners and the whole process of renting somewhat foreign to them.

Mistake # 1 – Do Not Lie

No matter what happened as to why you are in the circumstances you are, don’t lie about it. Landlords are people too (many do have compassionate hearts), and your story is easily checked out and verified, lies tend to come to the surface rather quickly. Be honest and upfront with the potential landlord about your circumstances, who will be living in the rental and anything else that is pertinent information.

Mistake #2 – Blaming Others

Sometimes things really do happen that our beyond our circumstances and can have devastating affects in our lives. Be honest about those things. However, what closely for a “victim” mentality that wants to be the one who didn’t make any mistakes and wants to blame every one else for what is happening to them.

Don’t berate your last landlord (if you had one). If you made mistakes, own up to that responsibility. This will speak better of you than trying to defend yourself and make yourself appear blameless. Whenever someone talks badly about another, even if it’s true a common response is to wonder what that person will say to others about you. Rise above and show integrity in your dealings, even if integrity wasn’t shown to you in the past.

The traits a landlord is looking for in a tenant is one who is honest, respectful, responsible, will take care of the property, and a person who is cooperative and will help problem solve if/when problems arise and that will communicate with the landlord and not simply dodge phone calls.

Use this time of looking for rentals to strategize a bigger life plan including financial goals to help get back on track if things are not on track currently. Do you best to pay all your bills on time every time. Forgo the extras, cut back where you can; consider riding public transportation if you can. Develop an emergency savings funds to help in times like these.

List character traits you want to see developed more strongly in your life. Do the white lies come too easily? Make a challenge with yourself to be truthful all the time. What are the weaknesses you’d like to change?

Many times unrest and change are prime opportunities to develop a new way of life and that does take time, but it starts with one day at a time and being purposeful about that. If our credit score is trashed is can be repaired, it will take time and diligence but it’s not the end.

Bottom line remember, potential landlords are people too, they are looking for a good fit for their rentals and people they can trust to be who they say they are, pay on time and be communicative and cooperative. Be a person such as this and show them it might be a great partnership for both parties involved. They are also looking for that great fit. You never know, they just might someday even be a friend, but don't expect or make a demand that they should be.

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