Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anne Naylor: Ensuring a mind open to the current crisis

Do you find it easy to keep an open mind? Or you are someone who likes to stand firmly in your point of view? You tend to panic in the event of crisis, stopping your options?

The Chinese cryptogram crisis was the meaning of "danger" and "opportunity." While we must be aware of the danger, housing in fear and doubt us weakens.Take a deep breath in the moment of relaxation and be open to the opportunity to help you to take a step in the fois.Parfois, is all that we can see.

Better open-mindedness found in very young children (those as, say, seven years) and the very old - although I'm more certain what "very old" means these days. That it is for those of us in?

We grow our reality being in a certain way, but what happens if it is not as good as it could be, and we move forward with something of lesser used? for example, if you've been accustomed to living in a spacious House, but now must "right-size"? There was a smaller House adapts to your needs better and that you enjoy the freedom to release the excess.

If we allow to keep us on our blinkers of the past, then we must be open for all the gifts of the present and the future opportunities coming towards us.

How this help, virtually speaking? Are you ever tempted to blame yourself or others to discomfort, uncertainty, doubt and fear that you are currently experiencing? could you or "they" have done better?Perhaps .but then when we really better to know, do us better.

Blame that happened in the past closes our mind to what is possible now. Our challenge is to provide space, opening, our internal resources manage trouble comes to be seen our situation in new ways.

For the human spirit, no mountain is too high to climb, no river is too deep to cross. Never underestimate the ability of the human mind to new solutions where it appears to be no.

In his article recent "rethinking our design leadership" Agapi Stassinopoulos tells the wonderful story of M. Vasilio stool speaks to me of the value of keeping an open mind and a caring attitude:

This summer I was working on a documentary about gods grecs.Pour shots, one Greece we had a beautiful vineyard which was supported by Mr. Vasilios. At a time given to shoot, we need nails to hang anything on a beam in the Court, but we had no nails.I asked Mr. Vasilios if he had some clous.Il said he did not, but then he looked up air suspended and said, "Nails... hmmm..." I would like to see."There I disregarded to the right, where there is a low stool, he withdrew separately and to our great surprise, six produits.M nails. Vasilios so strongly wanted to serve our needs at the moment where he saw nails where none of us could see them.But of course, it is the guardian of the vineyard. Day after day, he has been harvesting and take care of the Earth.Care has been in the DNA of Vasilios m..

Your open mind does not have to be hard or difficult to do. Gratitude for what you have now is a mind - opener one friend wrote in his recent blog dealing with profound loss of her beloved husband to cancer "adopting appreciation opens my heart and become the gateway of goodness through flooding."

My own difficult times invite me dig deeper and opened my mind more letting go of attachments that can be the solution that is beyond my mind and go to what I know of the world as a friendly place.Pride, you may feel ashamed to admit the loss of a career, a way of life, a certain status and hide those who would like to support you.

Please forgive, forgive pardonner.Par yourself, forgive others or the feelings of the situation, you are, get you your mind in addition gaps see you .c ' is mind you can restore your peace of mind, light your path forward and any dilemma, that you may be.This spirit is the one who cares.

We are the eyes in front of our minds.Our bodies are better designed for movement forward if we were supposed to live in the past, we have eyes in the back of our heads.

You cannot change what happened in the past, there is even a jour.Vous can change your attitude about it.You can choose your thoughts and your actions, maintenant.Vous can create in the future, you want to experience.

Keep your eyes open for the wonderful new inventions and ingenuity are demonstrated.It caught my eye recently:

And this BBC report shows how internet companies are thriving in the United Kingdom.

Can you see a solution to a topical issue? what do you do to keep an open mind and heart? how you care for yourself in a situation of crisis? I love you entendre.Je am listening.


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