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Admission of the Gulf of Halliburton oil spills: critical test ignored deep horizon before BP Oil Spill

WASHINGTON - Halliburton co. recognized ignored a critical test on the final wording of the cement to seal before BP oil wells he blew in the Gulf of the Mexico disabling.

Society, which was entrepreneur cementation of BP, came under increased scrutiny when President oil spill commission investigators revealed Thursday that tests conducted by the company before the fatal eruption had shown the cement is unstable.

Halliburton in a statement issued late Thursday night said that he has not taken a test of stability on the final mixture of cement after modifying a last minute by BP has added more than some a prior statements by the company ingrédient.Les told tests showed cement is stable.

Failure of mixing cement to prevent oil and gas from entering the pit was identified by BP and others as one of the causes of the accident, the largest oil spill in the history of the United States.

BP and Halliburton decided to use a foam created by injection of nitrogen in cement grout to secure the bottom of the well, an outside expert decision criticized.

The Panel said Thursday that four tests conducted in February and April by Halliburton, only - last - had shown tiendrait.Mais mixing this unique success test results were shared with BP and perhaps not reached Halliburton, until the cement is pumped, according to a letter sent Thursday by Chief Fred h. Bartlit. investigative counsel Commissioners.

Halliburton said Thursday that success criterion was made on a different mixture of used subsequently.While some tests were conducted on the new wording requested by BP, these tests did not include a test of stability of foam, the company said.

According to the Commission, BP at the time of the eruption had only one test - results an analysis of sent February BP by Halliburton in March 8 that cement could échouer.Le tested slurry email in this case was a slightly different mix and requires a slightly different design, but there was no evidence that Halliburton reported the problem to BP or BP had concerns, said in the letter.

"Halliburton (and perhaps BP) should take account redesign of foam slurry before it pumping wells Macondo," wrote Bartlit.

Independent tests carried out for the commission by Chevron on an almost identical mixture jeudi.Les results have been published have concluded that the mixing of cement was unstable, raising questions about the validity of the test of Halliburton, showing that nearly final mixing was stable.The company said "differences" between its internal tests and the commission was caused by the use of different materials.

BP in the internal survey also conducted independent tests showed the cement mixture was wrong, but his analysis too has been criticized by Halliburton, who said that he is not formula correcte.Rapport PMO also mention testing cement Halliburton mid-April, but it seems BP the results obtained after the accident and considered its imperfect methods.

However, the commission obtained proprietary additives the Halliburton as well as a recipe to recreate the mud used on the shaft.Litres and a half of the real mixture used on the rig remain, but he is detained as evidence in criminal and civil investigations.

Halliburton has rejected requests for the commission that the February tests were conducted on a cement which was similar to that used.

"Contrary to the letter... tested in February manure does was not 'a design very similar to foam slurry actually pumped'", bed déclaration.La society has also said there are significant differences in the way in which the cement has been tested.

Actions Halliburton has dropped nearly $ 34 to below $ 30 in New York in the half-hour after the commission has published its conclusions.Les shares recovered a little and closed at $31.68 $2.74 or 8 percent.BP shares rose $ 40.38 to $41.28, and then quickly reversed course and fell to $40.28 .the shares finished trading with a gain of $49 cents to 40.59.

Independent researchers do not deal with other decisions that could have helped cement failure and possible rash, such as BP decision to use less centralizers recommended by Halliburton.Centreurs SID.Please you as well pipe is centered within the well cement bond properly.

BP has also been criticized for not bind cement for a long time, a test that checks after the cement is pumped down if sécurisé.Il are also questions about whether pumped down BP enough cement to complete the bottom of the well, which was more than three miles under the sea level.


Associated Press writer Harry r. Weber in Atlanta has contributed to this report.



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