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How to Barter: 3 Thoughtful Gifts You Can Get Bartering

Dec 22, 2010 Jennifer Silva

Learn how to barter & show you care with your time - bobrus

Learn how to barter & show you care with your time - bobrus

Bartering for gifts is a great way to show you’re willing to put time and effort into finding thoughtful gifts for friends and family. So just because you’re broke (or like to live like it) doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to barter for meaningful presents that will be loved. Swapping for gifts isn't only a great way to save money, it's a smart, low-rent way to show you care.

Swap the Past for a Present: Bartering for Gift Scrapbooks

A lovely, heart-felt way to catalog family events and friendships is a custom scrapbook. Bartering for a scrapbook shows how much an event or person means to you, and it makes a beautiful gift laden with sentiment and emotional value. Not only is scrapbooking a popular hobby with young and old alike (so it's relatively easy to find everyday people open to bartering), there are small businesses that specialize in scrapbooking who are probably open to a barter exchange too.

When bartering for presents like scrapbooks, you'll need to take the time to gather photos and small souvenirs, and be willing to share a bit of information about friends, family and events with your scrapbooker. This will help her put more meaning and "story" in your gift, making it the unique and special gift you want it to be and a memorable gift that is sure to be enjoyed for years (if not decades) after you've given it.

Creative Gift Bartering: How to Barter for Custom Art

There's a reason they're called "starving artists." As unfair as it may seem, there are plenty of talented, skilled and hard-working artists out there who are willing (or forced) to barter their talent and time. So, if you're willing to fairly compensate them, bartering for custom art objects is a brilliant way to give friends and family one-of-a-kind gifts that could even appreciate in value over time.

Not sure what sort of art to swap for? Think about the person you're bartering for: Do they enjoy gardening? You could barter with an artist who works in metals for a unique garden sculpture or lawn ornament. Are you bartering for gifts for a new mother, grandmother or father? Then consider swapping for a gift portrait from a painter or skilled sketch artist. Or maybe you know someone who just bought a home or moved. Swap for a wall hanging or painting that matches their new decor. Not sure what present to barter for? Start off your bartering by asking the artist for suggestions: Artists are creative folks to begin with, so they're sure to give a few thoughtful gift suggestions.

When swapping for gifts of custom art, you'll need to find swap-friendly artists to choose from and, more importantly, you'll need to have an idea of the fair value of that artist's time and materials. Expect a wide range of values when bartering for art, depending on an artist's medium and popularity. Sure, you're probably looking for a bargain (who isn't?) but it's important that you still respect the artist's training and craft.

Picture This: How to Barter for Photographic Gifts

Who wouldn't love to have a family portrait done by a professional photographer? Or to have a special event filmed or photographed? The nice thing about swapping for gifts like photography and videography is that it's an adaptable present that lends itself to a seemingly endless number of life events. Whether you have friends getting married, celebrating their 50th anniversary, or graduating from high school, swapping for this gift gives your friends a way to remember their special moments (and you at the same time). Barter for photography and you're sure to give a one-of-a-kind present that will be remembered for years to come, especially if you also barter for an accompanying photograph album.

How to Barter: Learning the Fine Art of Bartering

Whether or not you’re short on money, swapping for gifts is a wonderful way to find thoughtful gifts year round. Worried you don’t have any skills worth bartering for or don't know how to barter to begin with? You shouldn't. Everyone has a skill worth bartering. Can you do taxes, give a car a tune up, or give a great hair cut? Then you've got a skill a worth bartering. Can you walk a dog, run errands, or keep a clean house? Then you do too. Remember, bartering is less about things and more about people: just find swap-friendly websites, businesses and people open to bartering and you're sure to work out a deal from there. And the more you barter, the better you'll get at it. So just learn how to barter from swap-friendly pros and you'll be a master barterer in no time.

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  • Learn how to barter & show you care with your time - bobrus

    Learn how to barter & show you care with your time - bobrus

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    Barter for a gift scrapbook & share memories - ba1969

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    Learn how to barter for art for valuable gifts - elisafox

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    Learning how to barter for custom art takes time - pale

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    Bartering for gifts show time and effort - rosym

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