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Name that Phone Number! Find the Address!

Dec 30, 2010 Jerome Niemi

Reverse phone service is very handy. - Simon Howden

Reverse phone service is very handy. - Simon Howden

Needless to say, there are a number of pack rats and clutter freaks that accumulate things like papers and various other similar tidbits that they just hate to throw away. Many people are disorganized and find themselves frantically searching through their purses or piles of clutter to find that particular paper with the important information. While sorting through their mess, they find post-it notes and scraps of paper with a phone number jotted down, but no name. Then they ask themselves the big question: Whose number is this?

Why do some have a tendency to jot down phone numbers without names? Most likely we tell ourselves we were in a hurry and didn’t bother writing down the name. Possibly we insisted that we would remember who the number belonged to just by glancing at it. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

Reverse Phone Search

By now we’re all accustomed to the convenience of locating the telephone number of a person or business, just by doing a search by name online, but what if all one has to go by is a phone number? How do he or she go about finding out whom that number belongs to? It’s easy!

There are sites as Dex Knows and White Pages that allow you to find one’s name and address by looking up their phone number. Simply look for a box labeled “Reverse Phone”, type in the area code and phone number then click the adjacent search button. Best of all, these are free sites. Likewise, there are sites that charge, so unless you don’t mind paying a monthly fee for the privilege to seek out background information on a regular basis, it’s best to avoid them.

Why Use Reverse Phone Search?

Not only is reverse phone search great for sorting out your clutter of phone numbers, but great when responding to classified ads. It is useful when looking for a job, dating, looking for an apartment, or purchasing an item listed in the newspaper. Ads are typically short and often lack information about the party who placed them. Of course you want to find out more as much as possible before you call them.

Knowing the address to the person or business ahead of time is helpful. Once the location is known, one can determine if they’re conveniently located or not. Likewise, a potential customer can decide whether this is a desirable location to do business in or not. Most of all, knowing the address can save a great deal of unnecessary driving.

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