Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If real estate negotiation

You want to get the best price if you buy or sell real estate and you know that negotiations are common.

Even if a broker is you, it can not give advice, it can not negotiate for you. Tenders and against --

promotions are solely your decision, but there are general guidelines that will simplify the process.

Real estate contracts must be in writing to be enforceable. Even if you can call or receive a verbal offer, and perhaps

purchase goods in this way, you have no legal protection, if the transaction is still controversial. An offer is not an agreement

until both parties sign the document. Moreover, the two parties must be over 18 years and his spirit.

Pricing your property is an art. If you price too low, you have in your profit, but if you price too high, you can not

get any offers. Do your homework to know what the sales of properties similar to yours and the price not more than 5

percent above the actual market value of the house.

When you are the buyer, you want to get the property at the lowest price you can - but you have to consider housing

market. In a booming market, homes sell for full asking price in May shortly after listing. When the market is slow, a seller

It is more likely to negotiate if you make a better offer. If you place a bid very low, you risk insulting the seller, who in May

refuse to negotiate. A broker can advise you of the market value of the property.

When the potential buyer makes an offer on the property, the seller in May either accept the offer or make a bid-to. The

The ball is now in court and the seller if the offer is good in May, he has decided to approve and sign the contract between two

parties. If the offer is too low, the seller can do one-on-offer, knowing that the purchaser is entitled to draw on this

point. Seller and buyer negotiate in earnest in May how much money, the last day, which is responsible for repairs and

other so much they put in writing.

May you almost nothing to negotiate because it is legal. For example, in May you not to make or accept an offer to sell

your property for illegal drugs, but you can legally trade for a cow, a vehicle or other piece of real estate.

Normally, any permanently attached to the property is part of the transaction. But if you want to

refrigerator, curtains and furniture, you must address each of the tender.

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